29 January
19.00 - 21.00
Keizersgracht 566,
Tickets €49
Welcome to the enchanting world of Crystal Sound Healing!

Step into a realm of profound tranquility where the ethereal resonance of singing quartz bowls merges seamlessly with the exquisite acoustics of the church dome.

Immerse yourself in the healing power of sound as your mental, emotional, and physical bodies align and find balance through the transformative frequency of 432 Hz, the frequency of the Universe and Earth.

Join us on a journey of inner harmony and restoration, where the magic of crystal sound healing awaits to nurture your soul and tune the universe inside of you!

Crystal bowls produce a soothing sound at a frequency of 432 Hz. When we listen to music tuned to this frequency, it brings us a feeling of calm and well-being because it resonates with the natural harmony of the world around us. The universe and Earth both vibrate at 432 Hz, which is where we come from and where we live.

If we feel out of balance and experience issues like fatigue, anxiety, panic attacks, high blood pressure, sleep problems, or even a nervous breakdown, it could mean that one of our energy centers, called chakras, is blocked. This blockage disrupts our natural frequency, causing disharmony in our mind and body. By understanding and aligning ourselves with the harmonious vibrations of 432 Hz, we can work towards restoring our inner balance and well-being.

Church in the heart of Amsterdam

The venue is a unique location - a beautiful church on the canal in the heart of Amsterdam. A combination of the place, energy, acoustics, sounds, vibrations, and group dynamics offers immense potential for connecting with one's spiritual aspect.

  • Reduce the pain, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, insomnia, anger
  • Connect with the universe and get spiritual guidance
  • Balance mental, emotional and physical bodies
  • Improves mental and emotional clarity
  • Bring peace, tranquillity, inspiration and happiness, give relief, relaxation, joy, lightness.
  • Activate blood circulation
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Balance the right and left brain hemispheres
  • Cleanse and balance chakras
  • Help to change the negative patterns to positive statements
  • Bring awareness, support positive transformation
Valeriya is an experienced sound healer who has held the sound bath ceremonies for the last 4 years and has played for more than 1000 people. She regularly attends different spiritual circles, healing ceremonies for energetical hygiene and self development. During the last 20 years she mastered the high level of the spiritual presence and therefore she is able to help others, share the knowledge and transmit the energy. During the sound bath with Valeriya you will feel release of what doesn’t serve you anymore, transformation and reconnection with your higher self. If you wish to dive deeper into your subconscious mind and bring more spiritual awareness as well as your dreams into reality, Valeriya is the right person to guide you through this and lead to your new reality.

Sound healing in the Church

29 January 2024
Start 19.00
Amsterdam, Church
Magnetic and special Those are the two words that come immediately into my mind when I think about the healing session with Valeriya. I had the privilege to be close to the bowls and it was like an out of body experience. It was heavenly. Afterwards Valeriya made time to give private healing sessions and I could feel the energy of the bowls but also the healing power of Valeriya.
I felt reborn.
Thank you so much for this experience Valeriya, you are gifted.
Much love, Mirjam
I was curious what might happen since this was my first time hearing bowls. The group was warm and intimate. Valeriya guided us with her music and I discovered different relaxing yet vibrant sensations. She is clearly talented and I am grateful I experienced it. Was so awesome, was biking home with the full moon in the sky and colors bright everywhere, feeling energised and open.... 'creative activation' really resonated with me...love it!
I left feeling creative and energised. Recommended.
After the singing bowls session, I'd want to express my feelings. During a session, it's astonishing how quickly time passes! It only seemed like ten minutes had passed, but it had actually been 45! The alpha state is the transition between sleep and consciousness, when you have no idea if you have arms or legs or even if you're alive. And who exactly is this (you?)?) The sensation is similar to deep meditation, with you enveloping yourself in the bowls' deep sound. It's impossible to say; you must experience it for yourself! That frame of mind in which You can receive priceless insights and answers, which You might have been seeking for a long time.
Очень интересный опыт и ощущения от сессии, время ощущается намного быстрее, сначала было сложно остановить свои мысли, но в какой-то момент улетаешь и начинаешь видеть и осознавать что-то новое, то чего обычно не замечаешь в повседневной жизни. Лично я была с запросом под сессию, это был вопрос на который я постоянно пыталась найти свой ответ, и во время сессии я четко и ясно осознала именно тот ответ, прям прочувствовала телом. Так же эти звуки отлично расслабляют тело, чувствуется намного больше легкости и отдыха после, будто бы проснулся после долгого глубокого сна.
Dear Valeriya, yesterday my body was updated.
Your sound healing wakes up all my energy and my kundalini.
I feel that my body integral and my soul found place in my body and everything change after session with you…it’s amazing real feelings and thank s a lot 🙏
You help people and you are such a beautiful and nice person!
Хочу поделиться своими ощущениями после сессии с поющими чашами. Это удивительно, как быстро для меня летит время во время сессии! Показалось, будто прошло всего 10 минут, а на самом деле - 45!
Состояние между сном и бодрствованием, альфа состояние, когда ты не помнишь есть ли у тебя руки или ноги, и вообще есть ли ты на материи. И кто это - ты?) Ощущение похоже на глубокую медитацию, в которой ты растворяешься в глубоком звуке чаш. Это невозможно рассказать, это надо пробовать! То состояние когда приходят бесценные инсайты и ответы, которые всегда искал.
What a magical experience I have gone through during the session. It’s not only cleansing your body but also you might be feeling how deep inside the energy of your cells vibrates on a higher level. I sincerely recommend Valeria’s session to everyone but especially to people who can’t find peace within. It will help.
If you want to experience an even deeper level of your being then go for a private session. Valeria was able to do chakra reading with me and my husband, by identifying on which chakras we need to work more. It was awesome, and just in point.

Dear Valeria, thank you so much for this incredible experience 🙏🏻💓. The first time I did it I felt connection with the universe and it was such a bless-full feeling and I got answer to my question. The second time it felt for me like a deeper relaxation as I needed and that period of time. What I find very unique is that every session does exactly what I need at that moment. And healing massage felt even more deeper which I truly recommend to everyone. For me personally it opened my chakra energy and after that I felt very light and had a lot of energy even the next days. Thank you so much for this magical experience 🙏🏻💓🌺
Valeria, it was something unreal when I had the healing session with the Tibetan bowls! It seemed that I can feel the sound with my body—It came in one ear, passed through my head and got out from the other ear. I could finally relax after my tough routine with 2 children. Meditation has brought me to a fantastic world in my head I’ve never faced to😍I was not sleeping but I’ve sawn such a spectacular pictures and scenes during the meditation, it was so special to trust my mind and let my brain do what it wants! I cannot even describe it—it was something like the lucid dream.
And also one interesting fact: in the beginning of the healing session I identified pain in my belly, but by the end it has disappeared. Maybe it was the sign of my body to pay attention to this particular place.
So I want to thank you for this beautiful experience, dear Valeria! And of course I come to you one (more that one) more time❤️
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