Prayer and Meditation for Peace
Free daily practice for everyone
Duration 20 min
Start 13 November
10.00 EU Zone, 11.00 Kiev, 11.00 Riga, 12.00 Moscow
Telegram channel
We are gathering bright souls for daily prayer and meditation for Peace. Our goal is to collectively create a powerful stream of energy, thereby raising the vibrations of the Earth and enabling the energies of Light and Love to come to Earth.

Currently, our Earth is undergoing significant transformation, and unfortunately, we are all witnesses to disasters, conflicts, and suffering. Through our collective efforts, we can contribute to ensuring that the forces of light prevail on Earth. To achieve this, it is necessary to channel our energy and thoughts towards creating a counterbalance to the negative pendulum.

The practice is free of charge. Anyone can join regardless of their experience and expectations. All you need is pure intention.
The results of prayer and meditation
In addition to the positive global impact, meditation has a positive effect on your mental and emotional well-being.
  • 1

    Provides a sense of calm and tranquility

  • 2
    Reduces anxiety and stress levels
  • 3
    Instills a sense of trust in the universe and the world
  • 4
    Reconnects with your inner self, trusting your intuition
  • 5
    Fosters a sense of inner harmony.
Ilona Alexeeva
Director of the Image School "Imageschool", Academy OM.

Author and trainer of developing human abilities programs, specialist of energy therapy and creative thinking; Qigong trainer and energy information practices. Ilona has been studying, teaching, and consulting for over 30 years. Certified Member of the Latvian Association of Holistic Medicine and Naturopathy.

The practice is free of charge. Anyone can join regardless of their experience and expectations. All you need is pure intention.

How to join?

The daily practices will take place in Ilona Alexeeva's Telegram channel - Prayer and Meditation for Peace.

Join the community of practitioners by clicking the button and you will be directed to Telegram.

Simply be online on Telegram at the specified time.
When do the practices begin?
The practices will start on November 13 - the auspicious festival of Diwali, symbolizing the victory of light over darkness.

Practice time (same time, different time zones): 10:00 AMS, 11:00 Kiev, 11:00 Riga, 12:00 Moscow.

Practice duration: 20 minutes.

What if I can't participate every day?
It's okay, we understand that everyone has their own life. If you can join occasionally, or even just once, it still contributes to the energy field.

We truly hope that the community of practitioners will be so large that the absence of some participants from time to time won't affect the strength of the energy flow