21 January 2024

Piano healing musiс & Aromatherapy in a Church

“Very Special music spa experience that you will not forget.” - Maria Nemtsova, concert pianist

21 January 2024
17.00 - 19.00
Church, Amsterdam
Keizersgracht 566
Tickets €49
“...It was such a beautiful experience dissolving in between the world of music and scents. Fantasy in the inner world was drawing a stories, multi layered ones, full of feelings, aways from the world of words and logics. Absolutely beautiful concert I can recommend to everyone."
The performance is based on the reflective piano compositions of Marynka, which draw inspiration from French impressionism and Eastern modal music. The unique and intimate experience of Marynka’s piano play is enhanced by the fragrances created by Juliya Untilova.

Complemented by the public as an active participant of this alchemic unity, all the elements connect together in a synchronized quantum relationship.

This is a unique reclining concert where participants lie down while experiencing sounds and aromas. It's an opportunity to quiet the mind and harmonize with one's physical and spiritual levels.

...transporting to another dimension...
...bringing back long forgotten memories...

...very emotional and intimate experience...
This is an inter-disciplinary collaboration duo project between piano composer/performer Marynka and olfactory artist Juliya Untilova
Olfactory Artist, Indie artisan perfumer, aromatherapist
Musician, composer, actress
Juliya’s mulsensorial background has influenced her fragrance creations. She creates fragrances that bring emotional and mental well-being.
For Marynka’s musical compositions Juliya created the signature scents that trigger a positive emotional response and enhance the musical sensation. It creates pure unique symbiotic experience.
Juliya Untilova
Marynka creates pianoscapes in real time and feeds the future with inspiration. Each time she plays her compositions unfold naturally around modal core. Marynka’s playing is reminiscent of the composers Satie, Debussy, Arvo Pärt, Jarret and of the mystic Gurdjieff.
Keizersgracht 566, Amsterdam.

Keizersgracht church
The concert venue is a unique location. In the heart of Amsterdam, there is a beautiful church on the Keizersgracht canal. The combination of the place's energy, sounds, vibrations, aromatherapy, and group dynamics offers immense potential for connecting with one's sensual aspect in this multisensory journey.

at Magical Musical Journey

  • It was my first time at this format of a piano concert. And it's just WOW!

    Firstly, you could lay down comfortably on the mat, in any position. Secondly, the music was amazing, right to the heart.

    And thirdly, this whole musical experience took place under the veil of delicious aromas. Moreover, the aromas changed when changing musical compositions.

    And also Marina and Yulia, you are such beautiful and warm souls.

    I thoroughly enjoyed it on all levels. Thank you!

    Svetlana Kocay
  • Haar piano in het midden van de cirkel van het theater in de Tolhuistuin. Haar luisteraars liggend om haar heen. Met gesloten ogen ontvang ik de klanken die Marynka schenkt. Iedere klank raakt een stukje van mijn verleden aan. De beelden van m’n leven komen willekeurig voorbij, het is alsof haar pianospel opzoek is in mijn geschiedenis, telkens een bladzijde openslaat. Rust en verlangen naar de volgende klanken vermengen zich.
    Peter Tuijnman
  • The feelings during and after the performance of Marina and Yulia were extraordinary. During their performance, the energy is incredibly harmonized. Chakras are cleansed and filled.

    The combination of sounds and specially selected smells gives a simply amazing effect.

    You have to live it and feel it for yourself.

  • Als ik geniet van de piano muziek van Marynka tijdens een concert kom ik in een gemoedsrust die heerlijk is. Rust en otspanning! Als ik dan lekker droom en wakker wordt is vaak mijn eerste reactie heb ik nu geluisterd naar Arvo Paert of Ludivico Einaudi....compliment aan Marynka!

Sound healing & Aromatherapy

21 January 17.00
Keizersgracht 566, Amsterdam
Keizersgracht Church
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