Natural gemstone
Bracelet workshops
Place for expressing your individuality
and creating meaningful jewelry.
Various dates
Kerkstraat 107
Ticket €70-90
For generations, the enduring charm of natural stones has captivated minds, offering an eternal allure. Whether enamored by their exquisite aesthetics or entranced by their mystical qualities, enthusiasts discover an infinite well of fascination within these precious gems. Today, a distinctive opportunity awaits you – the chance to skillfully design crystal bracelets, personalized to reflect your unique taste and preferences.

Limited to a maximum of seven participants, this workshop ensures an intimate setting where craftsmanship and creativity converge. Seize this moment to explore the timeless beauty and profound symbolism of natural stones as you embark on a journey of self-expression and personalized adornment.

  • New Skills
    You will learn to create bracelets from natural stones and make 2 or 3 bracelets of your choice during the workshop (various workshop options available).
  • Guided Support
    Detailed explanations and demonstrations of all jewelry-making processes, assistance in choosing materials, additional books, and metaphorical cards for inspiration.
  • Wide Range of Materials
    Jade, aventurine, amazonite, rhodonite, labradorite, jasper, chalcedony, unakite, tiger's eye, amethyst, carnelian, agate, and other stones, as well as quartz and agate druzes and gilded elements.
  • Creativity and Inspiration
    Unleash your inner creator and let it flow—this opens channels of creativity not only during the workshop but also in everyday activities. I'll handle your inner critic, at least for the duration of the workshop :)
  • Delightful Results
    Handcrafted jewelry will bring you double joy - it's wonderfully beautiful and also a reason for pride because you made them yourself.
  • Relaxing atmosphere
    You will experience a friendly gathering and spend three hours in a creative and trusting atmosphere, where you can chat freely and relax from your daily routine.
    Project manager
    Thank you for the guidance, thoughtful leadership throughout the entire process. The metaphorical cards and books were excellent additions to the workshop!
    Finance consultant
    The workshop was fantastic, with a vast array of stones, gilded elements, and embellishments for bracelets. The most challenging and interesting part was deciding on the design. The process itself was enjoyable and not difficult, considering I had never done anything like it before.
  • YANA
    Interior Designer
    Ira, thank you so much for the workshop. I wear the bracelets every day! Don't want to take them off.
Choose perfect day and time for yourself.
First choose the number of bracelets and then choose the appropriate date from the dropdown menu.
2 bracelets - €70
3bracelets - €90
  • for everyone to enjoy
    Weekend workshops
    4 February, Sunday
    16 March, Saturday
  • after work
    Evening workshops
    7 February, Wednesday
    7 March Thursday
  • when kids in school
    Morning workshops
    13 February, Tuesday
    21 March, Thursday
IRINA BORISOV - Peacock Gemstones founder
After dedicating over three years to the world of crystals, I've curated a truly remarkable collection of gemstones beads and druzy.
The timeless allure of natural stones has always held me in its grasp, and I take immense joy in consistently immersing myself in their essence, establishing a profound connection with their energy.
Creativity, to me, represents a chance to shift away from the demands of everyday work, fostering a space for innovation and imagination. It allows my inner child to play freely, constantly birthing new ideas and creations. What's more, creativity has transformed into an opportunity to unite with like-minded individuals, creating a sense of community. I am genuinely delighted to extend an invitation for you to share in this transformative and inspiring process.
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